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In an age where new inventions are reaching the fingertips of the public every day, the very nature of creativity and innovation has become a tangible commodity of our global economy. This multi-organization project provides a management platform for the best and the brightest in the world of design, from engineering exotic technologies, to pioneering ingenious forms of artistic expression. By taking a holistic approach towards the arts, sciences, and philosophies, these three corner stones of intellectual exploration unite to create one of the most dynamic and integral design firms on the planet. Prometheus Initiative represents a new collective of master craftsman and social entrepreneurs to bring forth an era of engineering real time solutions, while supporting the emergence of a unified cultural identity. By providing a framework for worldwide humanitarian collaboration, resources are effectively utilized to empower the architects of Earth’s reconstruction efforts through our natural and social environments.


Prometheus Initiative is a project originally conceived by Gregor Arturo in 2010 to bring forth sustainable technologies to the world stage. It has since evolved into an LA based startup that is incubating the development of several companies and technologies. The primary intellectual property involves the Sonicore system, a technical process the reconstitutes matter down to the atomic level. An extensive provisional patent has recently been filed, and we are seeking capital for development in our second round of funding. We are also branching out to potential resources outside of investment alone, including philanthropy, retail sales, and crowd fundraising. Besides the Sonicore system, we are also developing two other technologies and creating retail product in the form of coils, wands, and pyramids. At first glance, these tools may seem just like art pieces, but the beauty in their design are fundamental to nature. These technologies profoundly interact with our perceptual awareness and the systems of light that give rise to our daily experience, both physically and mentally. The primary tool being put forth, Gregor refers to as “star coils,” and involves eight years of his research in vortex based mathematics, electrical engineering, and theoretical physics. These coils have both technological and metaphysical applications as well as being depicted throughout ancient and modern history. We are launching three different companies all suited strategically to different locations to maximize their impact on the world and the effectiveness of their productivity. In Asheville, North Carolina, we plan to establish a design firm that will steward the intellectual properties through research and prototype development. In Boulder, Colorado, we plan a material processing firm that will put into motion the Sonicore system as well as future technologies associated with the greater manufacture process at large such as nanocrystalline 3d printing. In Los Angeles, California, we are currently founding a guild of system architects to oversee the restoration of the global environment from our crumbling financial systems to our radioactive oceans.

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Current Projects

sonicoreSonicore System
An industrial process to mass produce nanocrystals from raw ore and scrap metal by acoustic pulverization of the material. This is applicable to the mining and recycling sectors, with an end product applicable to global industry across the board. Nanocrystals are a single grain material with no internal discontinuities of its crystalline structure, while nanoparticles are a conglomeration of nanocrystals. These nanocrystals are either elements or chemical compounds of 100% purity. There is currently no large scale industrial process for nanomaterial production. The purity of the nanocrystalline material allows for its effective sorting (self organization over a vibrational pressure gradient) through its associated electrical, magnetic, and acoustic resonances. This opens the doorway to manufacturing crystalline materials. Steel, for example can be made out of nanocrystalline iron and carbon, which can lead to the max theoretical tensile strength of steel being achieved outside a lab and becoming a reality on the world market. Many other factors such as electrical conductivity and hardness are affected dramatically with nanocrystalline substrates.

coilsToroidal Inductor Systems
Magnetic gearing technology for both electrical and mechanical transformation of energy that utilizes zero impedance resonance, frictionless magnetic levitation, and self-organizing vorticular dynamics. This technology establishes a simplified version for existing energy systems, while at the same time provides for more efficient power transmission, lower cost, and a reduction of negative environmental impact when compared to other energy systems largely used today. These systems are derived from spatial and temporal components of geometries found within the field of Vortex Based Mathematics.

tentTensile Dome Tent System
A revolutionary approach to living that can be used for both mobile and permanent domiciles. This design unifies two concepts of Buckminister Fuller, the dome and tensegrity systems. The rigid hammock floor provides simple comforts with convenient and abundant storage space beneath. This allows for a lightweight and durable structure that is resilient against the elements, from hurricane winds to minor flooding. We are currently developing a fabric set that allows the end user to choose their own choice of rigid and flexible struts. These materials can be sourced from your local hardware store, but also the ability to use bamboo or other sustainable materials. Eventually high tensile strength nanocomposites will be available allowing for enhanced structural and electrical applications.

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